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I’ve always had a creative streak, from art at school and crafting activities on Guide camp, to intricate nail art designs, to hand lettering and illustration. I’ve found the world of digital art and I produce my designs on a iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I love my iPad, its so easy to carry around with me, and I can sit and create wherever I am, without carrying hundreds of pens around everywhere!! Recently I’ve created personalised, hand designed cards and gifts for friends and family and I love to see the reaction when they are received.

Why CreYAYtive?

So what brought on the combination of creative and yay? Well, being creative is a passion of mine, and yay.. well let’s see what it means..

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Yay is defined as an expression of approval, great happiness or excitement.

According to Your Dictionary

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For me, yay is a cheer, a little celebration, the mark of a happy moment, no matter how big or small the occasion, from “yay I have exciting post”, to “yay chocolate brownies”, to “yay you made a person, lets celebrate the new baby!” 

My mission for CreYAYtive Designs is to add a little yay to your day. I love creating things, and when I can share my designs for a special occasion, I get a little ‘yay’ moment, and that’s what I want to share. Whether you are giving, or receiving a gift from CreYAYtive Designs, I want you to experience that yay of sharing a personalised, hand designed gift for that special time. 

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