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Colouring Advent Calendar

Colouring Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are more popular than ever, from the classic chocolate ones, to crazy expensive ones with all sorts of goodies inside. What we wanted to do was create an Advent Calendar that wasn’t about the stuff inside, (coz after all presents are for Christmas day right??) that won’t break that bank, and that brings a bit of calmness at this crazy time of year. So we have designed a Colouring Advent Calendar suitable for all ages and abilities to enjoy. 

What is it?

We have designed the calendar as a digital download – when you purchase you will receive the digital files, – PDFs so you can print them at home, and PNG image files, so you can colour them digitally. 

We wanted the calendar to be accessible to all, so have created 3 versions – small, medium and large, all of which are included in the bundle.

Small – 1 x single A4 sheet with 24 pictures to colour – just like a traditional advent calendar – find the number each day and check it off. Perfect for a super quick activity over breakfast. Why not pop it on a clipboard and hang it up for easy access each day.

Medium – 6 x sheets with 4 pictures per page to colour. Ideal for your bigger little ones who are great at sticking within the lines. Get creative with them, cut them up, stick them on a card to make a really cute, hand coloured Christmas card. (Wouldn’t Grandma just love that!?) Cut them up and create a collage on the wall, and build it up all the way to Christmas. Hang them up with a peg on a string in the hallway. Do whatever your creative brains can dream up.

Large – 24 x sheets with full pages images to colour. Great for little hands, or big pens.
Coloured in pages of the Colouring Advent Calendar

Why is it sold as a bundle?

So you can use the pages that suit you. If you have kids of different ages, they may be at different levels, or may just prefer to colour a different size. They may have their favourite pens that need a bigger area to colour, the bundle is flexible. Plus it means that you can purchase the bundle once, without having to buy each child their own individual calendar.

Are there any limits?

It is one purchase per household, or classroom. We want you to be able to have the flexibility to print as many copies as you like for your family, or for your classroom. If your friends / colleagues like the advent calendar, please do not share the files with them, but instead we’d be super grateful if you can point them to where they can get their own copy.

Why is it a digital download and not a physical product?

Firstly, it enables us to keep the price competitive, and no postage fees to cover.
It’s cheaper – you just need to purchase one bundle per household – you don’t have to buy one per child! And it means Mum and Dad can get involved too! Why not make it part of family bonding time?
No wastage – You get all of the files, but if you don’t want to use them all.. you don’t have to, so there are no pages left uncoloured in a book, taking up space in your house.
Its flexible! If you and both of your kids want the full page reindeer picture (coz really.. why wouldn’t you, he’s so cute!!) – you can each have one, just print as many copies as you need!
Make a mistake? Want to colour it in again? Just print another copy!